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MediaShares is a marketing and funding consultancy that helps companies prepare their investment offerings for online investment platforms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, FINRA-licensed brokerages and high net worth individual investors. When our client’s investment offerings are suitable, we make appropriate introductions to these capital sources. We are also known for introducing and on-boarding our clients to the top Crowdfunding platforms and then supervising their marketing campaigns.

We do not take success fees, instead charging a monthly fee for our consulting services. We refer our clients to attorneys, accountants, and marketing firms to help them with their offerings and always pass on our negotiated discounts.

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Crafting Your Investment Story

Any company needing an investment has a story, and it must be presented in a captivating and succinct manner. Some say that anyone has only “eight seconds” to engage a prospect, and MediaShares really knows how to do this. Creating a highly engaging investment story is our most valuable contribution to any client needing funding.

Marketing Supervision

MediaShares works closely with a firm’s marketing teams to assure that dollars are well spent. We can work with a marketing firm that is already under contract to a company, or help a company find a new and better firm. Our extensive knowledge of the best marketing methodologies helps us negotiate better rates and provide better solutions to our client’s challenges.

Live Broadcasting

Over the years, MediaShares has used Live Internet Broadcasting to solve unique marketing challenges. We have resources that can provide huge online audiences to any live broadcast we undertake. The bonus from our broadcasts is a video recording that can be re-purposed on YouTube or the client’s website.

Video Production

We have a long string of successes with our video production, showing increased sales, audience expansion, and multiple awards for our work. Our video work has won multiple awards from Telly, Clio, The New York Festival, Worldfest, L.A. Art Directors, the Homburg, and others.

Corporate Governance

The foundation of any company is in its corporate structure and team. In the past we have supplied Corporate Secretaries who can assure good corporate governance and record keeping.  Whether a C-corp or LLC, it is essential to have a solid foundation of distinguished Board Members and compliant record keeping.

Panels and Pitches

MediaShares helps clients develop their pitch to investors, whether online or at conferences. Our consulting on their pitch materials and personal coaching has helped them win awards. We often attend conferences with our clients and when they sponsor we assist in preparing conference displays and marketing materials, and getting them speaker positions on conference panels. We also create cocktail parties with presentations for investors.


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