Building massive online communities of shareholders

by enabling your users, fans, customers, and affinity

groups to purchase stock on your own website.

MediaShares is a financial services company that provides transactional software and marketing services to companies who raise capital through online stock offerings sold to their fans, customers, or affinity groups. While our methodology works well for both startups and established companies, it works exceptionally well with companies having large and active online communities that can be accessed as potential shareholders.

Our business method is fully SEC compliant, and we work exclusively with issuers and their FINRA-licensed brokers. Our software and services can be adapted to any type of online equity offering, including fully-registered IPO’s, DPO’s, 506C offerings to accredited investors, and Regulation A Tier II offerings recently approved by the SEC.

Purchasing shares through our proprietary system called QwikShares, issuers and their brokers use our tools to sell their stock directly to investors on their own websites or social media pages. Similar to Amazon's "One-Click" payment system, QwikShares stores an investor's pre-qualified profile and payment information, allowing an investor to instantly buy shares online through an ACH debit from their checking account, and eliminating the need to pre-fund the typical brokerage account. QwikShares is a key element of MediaShares' methodology to facilitate CrowdFinanced Online Stock Offerings.

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