Happy Holidays Everyone,

You can ask anyone in the crowdfunding business about raising capital during December and they will tell you that there is a dead period between Thanksgiving and mid-January. They will tell you that investments almost disappear because everyone is spending their money on presents. Since most entrepreneurs and investors know this, they just sit back, eat the turkey and fruitcake, and wait for the New Year.

Unless you are selling wine or turkeys or Christmas presents during this period, it really is a slow period for everything else, so what should a smart, high-powered entrepreneur do instead of just eating fruitcake and drinking wine? Although it would be hard to beat taking it easy for six weeks and enjoying the holidays, at MediaShares we have a suggestion on how to actually accomplish a lot during this period.

In the marketing world, of course there is buying media and advertising, but an even more important component of the marketing process is the content that you use to market with. This content is what you use to tell your story and it might be through videos, emails, social media posts, webinars, or anything that gets your story out to the masses. At MediaShares, we have a slogan “Crafting Your Story For Investors,” and we think that crafting your story really well, so that anyone can see your terrific investment opportunity, is the real secret of successful marketing.

What better time could there be, when practically everything is closed down and everyone is gone, to use this time to strategize and work on your story? Get in a quiet place and think about what will make your story really powerful and effective. Go to the office when no one is there, think about your business and your product or service, and think about how best to really broadcast it in the New Year. Create great content that you will use in marketing to make your story even better.

You might also want to get some help. And you might want to give MediaShares a call because we love our work so much that we are always working, even during the quiet periods. Give us a call for a free consultation and we can have a coffee together and strategize with you, because that’s what we love to do all the time, even during the quiet periods.

We wish you a very happy holiday season
and a truly fabulous 2024

Gene Massey